The Strategy Sprint Playbook

How can leaders design ambitious strategic plans that are responsive to an uncertain future?

If you want your organization to achieve its grandest visions, you need a strategic plan that can sense and respond to change.

For most organizations, strategic planning is an annual tradition that follows a familiar template focused on articulating its biggest ambitions for the coming year.

But in our current era of rapid, unpredictable change, organizations need more than a unified vision: They also need explicit plans and dynamic structures for making that vision a reality within an ever-shifting landscape.

August’s Strategy Sprint Playbook offers an efficient, comprehensive approach to strategic planning that integrates the inherent unpredictability and complexity of future planning into the strategic plan itself. 

Our 3-day Strategy Sprint program helps senior leaders not only envision the future of the organization, but also design a responsive, practical plan for how to pursue that vision within the organization’s daily work.

A Strategy Sprint will help your organization:

  • Anchor your objectives and key results in a unifying why

  • Designate who will be empowered to lead the day-to-day work

  • Map out how they will test and iterate new solutions quickly

  • Set a cadence for when the organization will reevaluate and pivot

Download the playbook below!

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