The August Keynote Series

A conversation about the people side of AI transformation.

As HR and business leaders grapple with the paradigm shifts of Generative AI, we’ve created two 30-minute interactive keynotes to help you strategize your organization’s response.

🔒 Unlocking the Trust Code:

Why Your Efforts Haven’t Worked and How to Turn the Tide

Are you tired of seeing trust fall short of its potential in your organization? Have you invested time and effort into building trust, yet the results are not aligning with your expectations? If you believe in the importance of trust but find it challenging to build it at scale, this keynote is tailor-made for you.

🤖 GenAI and the Future of Teamwork:

How AI is Revolutionizing Collaboration and Changing Cultures

AI is revolutionizing how we work together – yet integrating it into teams comes with big complexities, including potential bias and perceived job threats. This keynote provides thought-provoking insights about what it means to be human in an AI world and encourages a spirit of empowered curiosity (rather than hyperbolic dread) around AI’s potential.

🌐 Are you interested in hosting an August Keynote?

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