Get ready for Generative AI

Download our maturity model and guide for leaders navigating AI adoption responsibly

If you want to maximize the potential of Generative AI within your organization, it is essential to have a clear roadmap for its responsible adoption.

Introducing our new Generative AI Maturity Model: a holistic framework designed to guide organizations through the stages of development and application of GenAI.

This model provides senior leaders with a structured approach to leverage GenAI technologies, while focusing on ethical considerations and responsible use. 

By sharing your information, we will keep you posted as we continue learning about this latest wave of organizational transformation.

Included in this PDF download:
  • A holistic maturity model designed to give leadership teams clarity into their path forward across five clearly defined business areas
  • 10 steps for getting started with responsible GenAI adoption 
  • 5 archetypes of organizations that are adopting GenAI in distinct ways to leverage its capabilities based on their objectives and industry focus
  • A conversation guide to use with your leadership team to facilitate a structured dialogue with other leaders about how AI may impact your business, your vision for success, potential challenges, and important choices you may face.

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